Our Values


We execute our partners' individual orders with a high standard of quality. We keep our schedules without compromise, and we react quickly to any changes which might occur during the execution of an order. Our employees constantly take part in advanced training. Thus, we can guarantee the best quality for our products. We encourage our employees to participate actively and creatively in the production process. Thus, we ensure the process' constant reevaluation and improvement.


We sustainably orient all our actions and doings to the wishes of our customers, and it goes without saying that we act resource friendly. We consider change to be a process of continuous improvement, and our goal is to improve our results with every step.


We are excited and committed when it comes to facing new challenges. In this respect, keeping our machinery at the latest state-of-the-art is crucial to us. For this reason, constant investment in latest technological standards is a basic part of our company's philosophy.


We distinguish ourselves by fast and transparent decision-making procedures. For us, mutual trust is just as important as transparent and understandable decision making processes.


The basis for our actions is mutual respect. It goes without saying that we appreciate our customers' wishes and suggestions.